School of Advanced Structures
with Braid Technology

Braiding is a traditional formation way to produce a high-strength textile structure that has become engineered and industrialized today. The product of this process, which is called braid, is known as a textile structure with unique properties. Process simplicity, flexibility, high efficiency, and variety are the parameters that made a braided structure proper for various applications such as ropes, fiber-reinforced composites, and some medical structures.

The Winter School of Advanced Structures with Braid Technology offers some new lectures on some of the most widely used engineered braided structures which are well known today in medicine and other industries. Among the various applications of different braided structures, perspectives, and main topics of this winter school include the following:

  • Braided composites
  • Surgical sutures
  • Stents
  • Bone fixation

The overall aim of this Winter School is to provide a platform for attendees not only to learn more familiar and better understand the application of braid as a textile structure in other industries applications but also to help them gain the needed and constructive knowledge and awareness for developing their own relations.  Therefore, they will be able to make proper choices in their career and academic advancement in this fast-paced world.

Supervisor and Organizing Committee

It should be noted that participation in this school is not limited and at the end of this school, participants will be awarded a certificate by the International Cooperation Amirkabir University of Technology.