School of Metallurgy

Winter school is a novel way of teaching that the Amirkabir University of Technology holds a series of intensive topics related to scientific and applied skills for students during the Winter at intervals of one to four weeks. By participating in these intensive courses, learners not only get a better view of different research activities and lifestyles, and life skills, but also create a memorable experience by participating in various extracurricular activities, as well as cultures and Different nationalities get to know other international learners through conversation.

Winter school is one of the most successful and effective programs in prestigious universities and research centers in the world, which is held annually to increase knowledge and improve the practical skills of people, especially students, before entering the labor market, and can Considering the scientific and operational potential of universities, it should be considered as a basic solution to achieve third-generation universities (entrepreneurial universities).

Winter schools provide an opportunity for universities to take a break from conventional teaching and research, and to some extent engage in current industry issues and the real business environment. One of the most important goals of Winter schools is to provide students with an effective connection with industry, and for others, it extends the field of knowledge beyond the campus and expands it to a circle of non-academic individuals and elites.

In addition to the above achievements, Winter Schools with emphasis on the word entrepreneurship, can teach business and entrepreneurship skills not as a choice, but as a necessity to students and play a major role in promoting and disseminating entrepreneurial culture. In the third world information revolution, that is, the entrepreneurial revolution.

School Supervisor

Prof. Mostafa Ketabchi

Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (See more)

At the Winter School of Metallurgy, we will try to provide various, attractive, and new aspects of metallurgy and the conditions and challenges in the relevant fields of work through university professors, researchers, startup activists, etc. to the esteemed participants.